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Located in Bremen, Germany, Joh. C. Henschen is an overseas haulage and warehouse company with many years of experience. Experts in the field of export, import and storage, our owner-run establishment is able to meet all the demands of shippers and importers alike.

Over the years, we have built up an international network of agents and partners to help us deal with the increasing complexity of today’s global logistics.

Our export activities focus on South America, Central America, USA, Russia and the Far East.


Our domains in the import sector are China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Columbia, Brazil and Cuba.


Our warehouses in Europahafen (6,000 m2) primarily store traditional import goods, such as wool, tobacco, coffee and timber. Our warehouse in the Central Freight Terminal (GVZ) (10,000 m2) is used for cargo handling operations and the storage of foodstuffs, tobacco, furniture, aluminium and export goods. We offer a bespoke logistics service and all transport routes and storage options are selected/optimised to suit the type of goods being handled.  


We are happy to offer individual consultancy and information services.

Our company will help you with any queries you may have concerning the shipment of your goods.

We will match all transport and logistics methods to your shipment requirements. You define key criteria, such as safety, transit times, reliability and cost, and we will ensure they are put into practice.

As an independent company, we are able to select the best freight carriers and shipping companies to provide the services you require.

A network of partners enables us to organise transport in all corners of the globe and ensure the reliable and professional shipment of your goods.

You too can benefit from our expertise – gained from over 160 years of experience in the field.


All imported goods, whether agricultural products, semi-finished goods or sensitive electronics must be handled and transported differently.

Our in-house import haulage specialists have the expertise to ensure the correct handling and transport of your merchandise. Port of shipment, shipping company and post-transport procedures are specially selected and adapted to suit the specific shipping goods.

  • Sea freight worldwide
  • Controlled receipt of goods
  • Sampling and weighing
  • Application for import permits/licences
  • Customs clearance
  • Payment of customs duty and import turnover tax via in-house deferment accounts
  • Storage of customs goods and domestic goods in our own warehouses
  • Issuance of warehouse warrants
  • Post-transport by road/rail to you or your customer
  • Shipment according to standard customs transit procedures
  • Consolidated cargo
  • Procurement of insurance


We offer a customer-centric service that focuses on your wishes and requirements for your export shipments. So whether you are shipping a single crate, a container or an entire factory, our expert forwarding agents ensure your project will be handled individually.


A thorough knowledge of the merchandise is essential to ensure the personalised, correct and safe storage of your goods. Our team of experts ensure that your goods are handled professionally from start to finish.

The export and import goods are handled in our warehouse in Bremen’s Central Freight Terminal (GVZ) (10,000 m2). Containers and HGVs are loaded and unloaded via ramps using lifting platforms.

Our rail siding leads directly into the hall, enabling the fast handling of goods in all weather conditions.

The entire premises are insulated and heated, so that our hall is also suitable for the storage of frost-sensitive goods.

Divided into a range of different rooms and storage areas, our warehouse is ideal for the separate storage of goods according to type and customer requirements. All areas are suitable for the long-term storage of both customs goods and community goods and as an authorised consignee, we are also able to store goods in proprietary bonded warehouses.

Our warehouse management system operates solely with electric forklifts. Other equipment includes high-lift trucks for handling pallet goods, bales, boxes and for rotating pallets. In addition, we have a stretch wrapper to protect packed pallets.

Our team of skilled experts has been trained in the handling of all types of merchandise.

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